Add a Gravel Driveway to Your Property

Get gravel driveway installation services by our team in Benton, KY

Has the time come to add a gravel driveway to connect your house or business to the road? United Excavating can provide residential or commercial gravel driveway installation services in Benton, KY.

You can leave every part of the installation process to our team, including:

Leveling your land
Grading your land
Hauling topsoil
Hauling gravel

Because we provide several services under one roof, you won't have to find multiple contractors to get the job done. Call our contractor today to find out more about our gravel driveway installation services.

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Does your current driveway need work?

You can schedule an on-site meeting with our team. We'll discuss which gravel driveway repair services or updating services are needed. Then, we'll provide a free estimate on the work. To discuss gravel driveway repair services with an experienced contractor, schedule a meeting right away.